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Egor Nefedov

Alexander Safronov

Javon Elam


Gustave Fritzgi


The enormous spread of web services, which satisfy people’s demands online, has developed a contest between the market’s competitors: the winner is the one who manages to attract the customer and make him buy the firm’s product.

In this project we’re going to show, how different web instruments can help a firm to increase the customer's’ interest to its product and increase its profit.


Imagine that we are the owners of a school, which tries to grab customers’ attention to its courses of English language.


This is how our regular contestant’s web page look like. Although it gives the customer all the necessary information, it is neither informative nor interesting for the customer.

We have analyzed the contestants’ mistakes and tried to develop a concept of a web page, which would attract the customers in a better way.

This is how it looks like:



First of all, the design of our website, especially of its top part, is quite simple, although it’s a powerful resource of necessary information a customer’s looking for.


Using a ‘landing page’ structure is very useful for the firm. After holding his attention at the description on top of the page, the client is already welcome to leave his contact data for the firm to contact him.


Providing different kinds of special offers, discounts and gifts stimulates a person to choose the product. Desire of paying less or even nothing


is one of human character’s peculiarity.



Giving reasons for the customer to use the service in a friendly way helps him to make the final decision.


Finally, integration with different social networks makes the communication between the firm and the customer easier and more convenient.


Project Info

The “Digital Entrepreneurship project is part of the US-Russia Peer-to-Peer Dialogue Program. Its aim is to stimulate communication and collaboration between US and Russian secondary school students. >>

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