Tatiana Shilova, the Russian teacher: "All the activities represented in this project were an example of “how it is better to do” in Entrepreneurship education. The students not only acquired knowledge of the subject, learnt how to work in teams to discuss and overcome the problems, but also got to know a lot about another culture and style of life. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in such useful project."

US and Russian participants of the winning teams of the Digital Entrepreneurship project and their teachers met face-to-face in San Francisco and spent unforgettable days exploring centres of technology and innovations in the Silicon Valley.  This experience offered students an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the importance of the digital and entrepreneurial competencies for their future successful careers.  Members of the winning teams share impressions of visiting San Francisco and Silicon Valley and meeting their peers.

From now and until mid March 12 US-Russia teams will explore how digital media can be used to promote and sustain their proposed businesses. And they will have help from experienced business volunteers who will help them think through their plans.  Each team has its own HPE e-mentor, and in addition, business volunteers are providing lectures using HPE’s online meeting space, My Room.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools

And where are these creative people located?  US and Russian student from Lyceum # 1799 in Moscow, Russia and South Dade Senior High School in Homestead, Florida are working hard to develop their ideas into solid business plans. And they are working together in four-person international teams, two Russian students and two US students, using a variety of digital communication media.

... about partiipation in the online innovation tournament

“Working on the solution of the tournament challenge I improved my English language and team working skills.  Participation helped me better understand how people in US and Russia can communicate and collaborate inspired by an interesting task and common goal. Also I realized that I should learn to manage time better. All in all it was a great experience for me and I would like to continue participation in this project.” Alex Potapenko