Our targets are young scientists who can't realize themselves because of different reasons and different companies which need new forces to improve work of the company.

We want to present you our idea.
We decided to make a site with the list of young and perspective scientists. These scientists will register on our site, fill in all information about them. Also they make a contract with us. Big companies that will cooperate with us will choose scientist they need and buy them on the contract.
We believe that promotion, public relations and social action will enhance our reputation and encourage positive word of mouth about us.
Speaking about integration our service with social networks we are going to make a group in different social networks like VKontakte and Facebook. It will be very helpful for starting our project, because a lot of young people use this socials networks and with the help of our marketing instruments we will attract new people to our project.
In fact,we can use web to develop the network of partners of our companies. It's important to use web, because large companies are headquarter in different countries and we will work with these companies through the Internet.
Nowadays, developing web strategy it is very important for modern technology company. We hope that our web strategy will give us benefits like big amount of users.